San Pablo Avenue: Coding an Urban Ecotone

Introduction (pdf 1.6mb)

Methods (pdf 152kb)
Literature Review (pdf 7.2mb)
Code Review (pdf 3.2mb)
Site Analysis (pdf 4.4mb)
Code Design (pdf 5.2mb)
Code Test & Results (pdf 10.3mb)
Public Realm Design (pdf 3.4mb)
Conclusion & References (pdf 456kb)
University of California Berkeley Masters' Thesis in Landscape Architecture and City & Regional Planning 2009

Urban arterials, the oft-neglected spaces of cities where there is a convergence of a multitude of land uses and vast systems of infrastructure and mobility, can become significant sites of sustainable transformation. A hybrid form/performance-based code can negotiate these complex, multi-jusridictional spaces towards an ecologically-, equitably- and economically balanced future. A significant portion of the transformation can occur through a reconsideration of infrastructure that is located within the space of the corridor by taking single-use systems and retooling them for multifunctional benefits (Gaffney 2009, 3).

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